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Here at TWS Construction, we are dedicated to delivering high-quality construction services across Yorkshire and even further afield. For many years, we have been providing dedicated foundation services in Harrogate and across the UK. Our team has worked alongside domestic, commercial and industrial properties to deliver industry-leading construction services of all kinds.

Our professional team have worked to create hard-wearing, damage-resistant foundations on a range of properties. We have provided foundations for building extensions, new-builds and a range of other features including deep walls and groundwork requirements. We have also helped to create essential foundations for driveways and other garden features to prevent shifting during installation.

Industry-Leading Foundation Services in Harrogate

Whatever you need hard-wearing foundations for, our experienced construction team are here to help. We can help to provide a stable area for your construction project and prevent the finished project from shifting in-place. Our concrete foundations are some of the most reliable in the UK and have been used in a wide range of construction projects.

Whether you’re looking for solid foundations for your new family home, or you need to make sure that your new extension won’t shift in place, the TWS Construction team is here for you. We can provide hard-wearing concrete solutions which are essential in a wide range of projects and on a variety of surfaces.

In addition to complete new foundations, we can also reinforce existing properties. If your building is suffering due to low-quality foundations, our team can get involved before these issues become unmanageable. In many cases, we can help buildings to re-settle into their original position before they start to lean or twist.

Installing Reliable Foundations in A Range of Surfaces

When a foundation does suffer problems in the UK, it is usually because they have suffered damage over a long period of time. However, they can also occur due to ineffective installation for the surface area. There are many construction companies which won’t be willing to tackle problem plots of land anymore, simply due to the issues than can develop over many years.

Whatever kind of surface or plot you are tackling, our team will be able to deliver comprehensive foundations installation. Just some of the more difficult plots of land that we have worked on have included:

  • Sloping Sites – Even shallow slopes can lead to long-term complications. Ground which slopes in one direction can cause water to move towards the property. Also, if the ground shifts, it can cause the entire property to become extremely unbalanced. Foundations for these sites need to be hard-wearing and installed deeply to prevent shifting and ensure long-term resilience. It can also be useful to level the ground for the construction and build slightly into the slope.
  • Trees – While they are stunning to look at, trees can lead to a whole host of issues for your property. For example, they can burst drains and lead to long-term structural damage. The roots of trees can move or damage foundations.
  • Bad Ground – There are several kinds of bad ground which can cause damage to a property’s foundations. Some of these conditions include:
    • Volume Changes – Clay surfaces can shrink or expand depending on the weather. This only really tends to affect ground which is a meter or more below the surface, but it can often influence the pressure and space around your property’s foundations.
    • Frost Heave – If there is any evidence of a high-water table on your property, then there is the potential for the surface to expand as it freezes.
    • Unstable Ground – A property may look perfect, but underground it can often tell a different story. Past mining or excavation work can cause the ground to become highly unstable. In these spaces, it is common for the unstable ground to cause regular subsidence.

How Can Foundation Services in Harrogate Deal with Difficult Ground?

There are several different strategies which can help to reduce the effects of problem ground on foundation installation services in Harrogate. It takes a professional and experienced team to identify the best possible foundation style for your new build or extension. Here at TWS Construction, we can provide premium foundation installation for problem properties across Yorkshire, including:

  • Deep Foundation Installation.
  • Pile & Ring Beam Foundations.
  • Raft Foundations.
  • Pad Foundations.

Whatever kind of problem surface you’re dealing with, whether it is due to the presence of clay or a high-water table, our team can help you to create a stable and structurally-sound property which will last for a lifetime.


For Premium Foundation Services in Harrogate, Contact TWS Construction Today

Here at TWS Construction, our team have been working to deliver high-quality construction and foundation services in Harrogate for many years. We can deliver industry-leading foundation services for all kinds of surfaces. Whether you’re looking to create a completely new home or install a high-quality extension to your property, get in touch with our team today.

You can reach the foundation specialists by calling us on 01845 591222. If you prefer, you can email any questions or concerns you have to and we’ll get back in touch as soon as we can.


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